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Let Real-Time Information Empower You

Artis Energy Intelligence delivers real-time visibility and insights that save energy, identify operational improvements, analyze investment opportunities and meet sustainability goals.  Our analytics platform, RTIS®, provides the business intelligence and awareness needed to transform energy into a competitive advantage.

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Analytics to Understand and Control Your Costs

Visibility and Insights
Reviewing last month's utility bill is like looking into the rear-view mirror to navigate traffic in front of you. Without a deep understanding of how, when and at what cost you use energy in real-time, significant opportunities to reduce costs and realize efficiencies will be missed.
Operations and Investments
How are your business processes and systems integrated with your energy costs, and what solutions can improve both? What effect does weather and time-of-use rates have on your production costs?  How do you identify and evaluate energy investment opportunities?
Are your buildings more or less sustainable
than your competitors’? How are you performing against your regulatory mandates and sustainability goals?
Who We Work With
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Cross-Functional Benefits for All Stakeholders

Analytics designed for Executive Management, Financial Management, Facilities Management, Manufacturing, Energy and Sustainability,
Business Intelligence, Marketing and PR, among other functions.

Know and Manage How, When and at
What Cost You Use Energy in Real Time


Understand the Components of
Your Monthly Utility Bill


Predict Day-Ahead Energy
Costs and Use


Create Weather Normalized,
Smart Budgets


Quantify Associated Energy Costs of Customers,
Equipment and Manufacturing Processes


Evaluate and Prioritize Energy
Investment Opportunities


Manage Against ISO Peaks to Mitigate Costly Capacity Tag Penalties and Supply Charges 


Measure and Analyze Facility-Specific
Sustainability Performance


Channel Partners

RTIS® unlocks the enhanced insights needed to better understand the operations of your clients, create new and profitable revenue streams and identify efficiencies that were previously invisible. As you and your clients each have unique needs, we provide customized analytics solutions and the additional services needed to deploy effective, end-to-end solutions.

Multinational Consulting Firms

Specialty Consulting Firms

Commercial Property Owners
and Managers

Energy Services Companies 
and Contractors

Direct Customers

RTIS® demystifies the energy cost line item and sheds light on how your energy expenses are connected to your business operations. This visibility benefits a range of organizational functions, including Facilities Management, Accounting and Finance, Manufacturing, Sustainability, Marketing and Executive Management.

Large Cap Commercial and
Industrial Companies

Middle Market Commercial
and Industrial Companies


Municipalities, Universities,
Schools and Hospitals

Artis Energy Intelligence Solutions

Essential Analytics

Power Monitor

  • Know and Manage How, When and At What Cost You Use Energy in Real-Time
  • Monitor Energy Performance with Dashboards, Reports and Alerts
  • Understand the Components of Your Monthly Utility Bill
  • View a Single Facility or Entire Portfolio
  • Identify and Mitigate the Cost Impacts of Demand Peaks and Anomolies
  • Pinpoint the Time and Cause of High Cost, Addressable Loads
  • Improve Load Factor for Better Power Distribution Rates
  • Identify Power Factor Inefficiencies
  • Optimize Rate Class Assignments
  • Automate Energy Star Portfolio Manager Reporting
  • Compare Sustainability Performance to Like Buildings
  • Visualize the Cost Contribution of Specific Electrical Loads Through Sub-Metering
  • Determine Applicable Tax Exemptions and Credits
  • Identify Utility Billing Errors
  • Mitigate Costly Demand Ratchet Penalities

Trend Analysis

  • Normalize Energy Information Against Weather Data
  • Analyze Up to 5 Years of Historical Trends and Insights
  • Project Day-Ahead Avoidable Usage and Demand Costs
  • Identify Time of Use, Process Shifting Opportunities

Budget Management

  • Create Weather Normalized, Smart Budgets From Historical Performance
  • Receive Alerts When Approaching Budget Thresholds
  • Compare Current Budgets to Historical Budgets and Performance
  • Monitor and Manage Energy Budgets Daily, Monthly, Quarterly and YTD

industrial-iconIndustrial Enhancement

  • Allocate Energy Costs to Individual Units of Production
  • Quantify Associated Energy Costs of Customers, Equipment and Manufacturing Processes
  • Determine Production Location Shifting Opportunities Across Plants
  • Determine the Historical and Real-Time Energy Impact on SKU and Customer Profitability
  • Quantify Energy-Associated Scrap Cost for Discarded Materials
  • Receive Alerts When Cost Thresholds Are Met
  • Visibility into Supply Chain Energy Costs/Wid get

financial-iconFinancial Enhancement

  • Determine Cost-Benefit Analysis of Upgrading or Replacing Equipment
  • Determine the Most Attractive Energy Investment Opportunities
  • Prioritize Facility Improvement Projects
  • Verify ECM Savings Using Audit-Grade M&V
  • Isolate HVAC Heating and Cooling Loads and Measure Cost Contribution
  • Balance Savings Versus Occupant Comfort with Setpoint Optimization
  • Identify Inefficiencies in HVAC Equipment
  • Manage Internal Coincident Peak to Mitigate Costly Capacity Tag Penalities
  • Receive Real-Time ISO Peak Notifications

sustainability-iconSustainability Enhancement

  • Report on Corporate Initiatives, ESG and GHG Protocol Requirements
  • Monitor and Respond To Real-Time GHG Emissions, Including ISO Load-Following Plants
  • Create GHG KPIs
  • Understand Your Environmental Impact By Location, Region and Time of Year
  • Visualize Historical and Real-Time ISO Fuel Mix
  • Anticipate Periods of Increased Pollution and Curtail Operations Using Alerts
  • Create Informed Sustainability Goals By Leveraging Historical and Projected GHG Usage
  • Determine GHG Use Per Widget or Manufacturing Process
  • Monitor Supply Chain GHG and Sustainability Performance

plus-sign-iconAdditional Services

Each Service is Priced Individually

  • Informed Energy Procurement
  • Outsourced System Management
  • Help Desk and Support
  • Quarterly Energy Reporting
  • Sustainability Consulting
  • On-Site Facility Remediation
  • Quarterly Staff Training
  • Premium Tier Support Check-Ins

Energy Management is Not One Size Fits All

We take the time to understand the nuances of your industry and the needs of your business before developing and implementing an energy conservation strategy.

View All Case Studies
See how Artis Energy’s analytical approach is helping a Metal Stamping Company save over $20,000 per year in energy and maintenance costs
Read about how RTIS® energy analytics helped a Plastics Manufacturer identify their hidden energy cost drivers and save over $24,000 per year     
Learn how Artis Energy utilized RTIS® to help an Aerospace Manufacturer save over $34,000 per year, and identify over $75,000 in annual process improvement savings

RTIS® is a Powerful Analytics Tool, Which Makes Those Who Use It Irreplaceable

48% of respondents in a global McKinsey study claimed that qualified analytics talent was more difficult to hire and retain than traditional roles. We work with our industry partners to integrate RTIS® into their existing business offerings, and train them on how to interpret the invaluable insights that it identifies.


Did You Know?

A Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory study of 28 sites that implemented energy intelligence software, showed that they achieved an average savings of 17% in their first year and a median 47% in savings in year 9.

According to a McKinsey survey comparing low- and high-performing companies, 59% of the high-performing organizations analyze unstructured, real-time data to improve their operations, where only 12% of the underperforming companies do the same.

According to Markets and Markets, the energy analytics market is expected to exceed $4.5B globally in 2018, with North America accounting for $1.7B.

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