Artis Energy Solutions

Industry Expertise + Comprehensive Solutions

Artis Energy Solutions analyzes building and operations data to identify, prioritize, and install customized solutions that address the key energy cost drivers.

Operational Improvements

Based on financial objectives and existing infrastructure, we work closely with our customers to propose solutions crafted for their facilities. This results in an increase in energy efficiency through energy reduction and demand management strategies, and an overall improvement in staff productivity and comfort.

Energy Efficiency and Reduced Costs

We analyze utility data and work with our customers to identify their baseline energy usage, then provide solutions and strategies to reduce costs, along with options for monitoring and analytics solutions to provide further insight into unnecessary energy costs.

Listen to Your BuildingTM

The Lack of Visibility

Most companies lack visibility into how their operations are integrated with energy costs, and specifically how, when, and at what cost they use energy.

• Is our building more or less efficient than our competitors?
• Which energy conservation measures best fit our business?
• We do not understand our energy bill. All we know is that it continues to increase.
• Which systems and processes drive our energy spend and how can we be more efficient?

Portfolio of Energy Solutions

LED Lighting and Control Systems

High-Efficiency HVAC and Refrigeration Solutions

Wireless Energy Management Systems

Power Factor Correction

Compressed Air Solutions

Variable Frequency Drives

RTIS® Real-Time Energy Analytics Software

Utility Incentives, Financing Options
and Energy Procurement

Billing Data Analysis and Sustainability Consulting

Our Process

Secure your utility bills and interval load data.

Develop an energy baseline and analytics assessment.

Review findings from analysis.

Perform a facility audit to evaluate operations and on-site equipment.

Determine utility incentives and financing options.

Prioritize measures and create deployment plan.

Install efficiency measures.

Continuously evaluate performance and verify savings.

Case Studies

Read how Artis Energy helped save a metal stampings manufacturer on their energy costs and also receive an incentive worth over 22% of the total project costs.
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Our client, a deep drawn metal stamping company, realized an estimated 10-year ROI of 316% on their annual energy costs.
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Read how Artis Energy helped a commercial real estate firm save on their overall energy costs and also receive an incentive of 0% financing on the total project costs.
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