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Artis Energy Insights

Boost Employee Engagement by Making Sustainability a Priority

by Chris Pieper

Employee engagement is not just an HR buzzword. Instead, it is a key component to a company’s overall success, as it correlates with a variety of benefits such as less employee turnover, better customer retention and increased productivity — all of which feeds into higher profitability.

Improve Tenant Relationships and Asset Value with Energy Management

by Chris Pieper

While the environmental and financial benefits of energy management are well-known, most commercial real estate owners and managers do not see energy management technologies as a way to improve tenant relationships.

Attract Investors with Sustainability Efforts

by Chris Pieper

Investors are increasingly scrutinizing corporate sustainability efforts, both in terms of overall practices and shareholder disclosure.

Save Energy by Making It Part of Your Corporate Culture

by Chris Pieper

While implementing technology changes such as using energy analytics software (EAS), building automation systems, energy-efficient equipment or any combination of these certainly helps to save energy, a company’s employees and customers play a large role in how energy is consumed. So, by making energy savings part of your corporate culture, you can maximize the results, because people, processes and technology will be unified toward achieving this goal.

Three Advantages of Software-as-a-Service

by Chris Pieper

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), meaning software that is provided as a subscription and hosted remotely, continues to grow and replace the old model of companies having to host applications themselves while often paying a large upfront licensing fee. From 2015-2020, Cisco projects that SaaS will attain a compound annual growth rate of 30%.

How Connecticut Businesses Can Mitigate Expected Gas Price Increases

by Chris Pieper

This summer, Connecticut gasoline prices could reach $3.50 per gallon, more than a dollar higher than current prices, according to a forecast from GasBuddy.com as reported in the New Haven Register.

Connecticut Businesses Can Follow Wesleyan's Lead and Adopt Microgrids

by Chris Pieper

In order to find relief from high energy rates, improve sustainability and decrease the risk of power outages, Connecticut businesses can look to microgrids, which are a growing trend throughout the state.

Use Energy Diagnostics to Avoid Budget Surprises

by John Tavares

With the U.S. economy growing slowly and the pains of the Great Recession still not too far in the rearview mirror, many businesses are keeping a close eye on budgets.

In fact, a Deloitte study of executives at Fortune 1000 companies last spring found that 88% of companies expected to pursue cost reductions over the following two years, regardless of whether revenues rise or fall.

Why Customer Experience Matters for Businesses Selling Commodities

by Dan Robertson

In a largely commoditized industry such as energy, it might seem like there’s little that utilities can do to win more business other than how they price their services. By definition, price is what commodities are based on, yet there are opportunities for energy utilities to break from the ranks and differentiate themselves by improving customer experience.

Don't Let Energy Costs Sink Your Profitability

by Chris Pieper

Even if sales growth is strong, it doesn’t necessarily translate into profitability growth.  For many businesses, unexpected and difficult to forecast expenses, like utility costs can cause profits to sink.

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