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Artis Energy Insights

Sustainable Investing is Becoming Mainstream

by John Tavares

How Investing in Sustainable Businesses Turned Into A Safe Bet

New CT Bills Increase Involvement with Connecticut’s Energy Companies

by Chris Pieper

Connecticut Energy Bills Increase Involvement With Energy Companies

Benefits of Energy Efficiency Programs: They Save More Than Just Energy

by Christopher Dente

Energy Efficiency Solution Advantages

By now, everyone from shop floor worker to CEO intuitively understands that saving energy delivers dollars to the bottom line. But cost avoidance only begins to showcase the benefits of modern energy efficiency technologies. Non-economic benefits of energy efficiency often accompany financial savings:

Utility Company Incentives: Why They Want You to Use Less Energy

by John Tavares

Why Your Utility Wants You to Use Less Energy

How Sustainability Improves Customer Experience

by Chris Pieper

Businesses today need to make customer experience a priority if they want to maximize their long-term success. To do so not only requires companies to analyze and improve how they interact with customers, but also to take a closer look at the company’s internal culture and mission and see how that aligns with what customers want.

How Businesses Can Align Themselves with Their Utilities

by John Tavares

Contrary to what it may feel like when you open your monthly utility bill, energy utilities are not always at odds with your business.

Five Energy Efficiency Measures You Need To Know About

by Chris Pieper

With so many companies developing and marketing new energy efficient technologies each year, it can be difficult to digest and determine the best fit for your business.  As a rule of thumb, before buying any type of new equipment, deploy an energy analytics software solution to understand where your inefficiencies and energy cost drivers lie.  Once you can ascribe energy costs to specific processes and pieces of equipment, you will be in a better position to evaluate and prioritize the various energy efficiency measures for your specific building(s).  

Use Analytics as the Basis for Change

by Chris Pieper

The growth of business data presents significant opportunities to make more informed decisions, yet many organizations are still not taking advantage of this opportunity.

Become a Partner to Customers to Improve Your Bottom Line

by Chris Pieper

Rather than constantly looking for new customers to help improve their energy management, energy services companies can improve their bottom line by becoming more deeply embedded with existing customers so that that they have more recurring revenue.

Be the Hero: How Fixing Client Problems Helps Your Business

by Chris Pieper

In addition to providing quality customer service and providing services as expected by clients, businesses can gain customer loyalty by solving their problems. Whether the issue is directly caused by the company or is a result of something more in the customer’s control, companies that can both diagnose and remedy issues end up helping themselves, such as by gaining repeat business or referrals.

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