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Artis Energy Insights

Analytics in Smart Manufacturing

by Tim Maurer


Boards Should Look at How Sustainability Creates Shareholder Value

by Chris Pieper

A board of directors’ focus on maximizing shareholder value does not need to be at odds with maximizing sustainability. In fact, pursuing sustainability initiatives can boost value.

How Can I Get My Tenants to Reduce Energy Usage?

by Chris Pieper

Commercial real estate companies that bear part or all the cost of tenants’ energy usage have a significant financial incentive to get renters to use less. If U.S. retail, warehouse and office space used 20% less energy overall, it would result in savings of $5 billion, according to the Department of Energy. Plus, doing so would bring the environmental benefits of reducing emissions by the equivalent of 370 billion miles of automobile travel.

Use Sustainability as a Selling Point

by Chris Pieper

As more organizations look to improve sustainability, consultants should look for ways to help clients meet this goal and use that ability as a selling point.

Operations Should Not Take a Back Seat to Sales

by Dan Robertson

Operations aren’t always as glamorous as sales, but they are inextricably linked. Without operational efficiency, companies limit their sales potential, like a car with inadequate tires trying to drive based on the horsepower of its engine alone.

How Improved Data Reporting Helps Businesses

by Chris Pieper

With increased data comes increased opportunity to analyze that data, yet not everything can be easily examined. The same information can be presented in multiple ways, and the better the data reporting, the more actionable the analysis can be.

Boost Employee Engagement by Making Sustainability a Priority

by Chris Pieper

Employee engagement is not just an HR buzzword. Instead, it is a key component to a company’s overall success, as it correlates with a variety of benefits such as less employee turnover, better customer retention and increased productivity — all of which feeds into higher profitability.

Improve Tenant Relationships and Asset Value with Energy Management

by Chris Pieper

While the environmental and financial benefits of energy management are well-known, most commercial real estate owners and managers do not see energy management technologies as a way to improve tenant relationships.

Attract Investors with Sustainability Efforts

by Chris Pieper

Investors are increasingly scrutinizing corporate sustainability efforts, both in terms of overall practices and shareholder disclosure.

Save Energy by Making It Part of Your Corporate Culture

by Chris Pieper

While implementing technology changes such as using energy analytics software (EAS), building automation systems, energy-efficient equipment or any combination of these certainly helps to save energy, a company’s employees and customers play a large role in how energy is consumed. So, by making energy savings part of your corporate culture, you can maximize the results, because people, processes and technology will be unified toward achieving this goal.

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