Commercial Real Estate

Lower Energy Costs, Comply with Regulatory Requirements, and Promote Sustainability with RTIS® Analytics

Commercial real estate companies have a prime opportunity to improve their portfolios by analyzing and optimizing energy usage. According to Energy Star®, energy is the single largest operating expense in commercial office buildings, yet the average building wastes 30% of the energy it consumes.

Even if tenants are responsible for all energy costs, the RTIS® energy analytics platform enables commercial real estate companies to increase the lifecycle value and net operating income of their buildings, extend equipment lifetime, comply with regulatory requirements, and promote sustainability and lower energy costs to attract tenants from competitors.


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RTIS® Offers Commercial Real Estate Companies the Following Benefits:

Utility Bill Analysis and Optimization
Utilize the RTIS® rate utility rate engine to identify the most attractive distribution rate classes and supply rates for each building’s unique energy usage profile.

Real-Time Preventative Maintenance
Monitor potential equipment failures in real time before they occur to minimize tenant disruption and extend equipment life.

Attract Tenants by Promoting a Differentiated, Sustainable Environment
Use analytics and reporting to differentiate your properties, improve and promote sustainability performance, reduce tenant energy costs, and increase tenant engagement.

Evaluate and Optimize Asset Value
Use energy analytics to reduce operating costs of existing assets and identify energy efficiency strategies for prospective asset acquisitions.

Satisfy Benchmarking Requirements and Meet Corporate Environmental and Social Responsibility Goals
Utilize analytics and reports, and automate Energy Star Portfolio Manager benchmarking to identify under performing assets, abnormal energy usage patterns, satisfy benchmarking law requirements.

RTIS® Insights

Energy Cost Transparency & Optimization

Utility bills are opaque and difficult to understand. The RTIS® rate engine provides transparency and reduces costs by analyzing your building’s energy usage profile and determining the most attractive rate classes, supply rates, identifying billing errors and applicable tax credits, and tracking utility tariff changes.

Operational Improvements

Through real-time monitoring and analytics on your critical loads, RTIS® dissects your business processes and building system performance to identify process improvements that reduce costs and improve your company’s sustainability.

Investment Opportunities

RTIS® tracks historical and real-time equipment performance and factors in weather conditions to detect performance anomalies and inefficiencies to identify attractive capital investment opportunities.