Maximize ROI with Energy Analysis and Management Solutions for Retail

Energy management has become a major initiative for many retailers. Energy efficiency reduces costs without the need to make cuts that could negatively affect store performance, such as reducing staff, stocking less inventory, or reducing advertising budgets. Additionally, with increasing competition from e-commerce, investing in energy efficiency is a great way to reduce costs without sacrificing customer experience.

Further, as consumers are increasingly showing a willingness to pay more for sustainable produced products and services, there is a large opportunity for retailers to differentiate themselves from online retailers by creating tangible locations that promote sustainability.


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RTIS® Offers Retailers the Following Benefits:

Boost Profit Margins and Improve Operational Efficiency
By analyzing historical and real-time energy data, RTIS® provides insights on how to consume less energy and use it more efficiently to lower energy costs.

Reduce Maintenance Costs
Monitor equipment performance and receive real-time alerts for potential equipment failures before they occur, extending equipment life and minimizing maintenance expenses.

Differentiate from Online Retailers and Attract Customers and Employees Through Sustainability
Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability creates an environment that attracts purpose-driven customers and employees that want to support retailers with environmentally-conscious stores.

Utility Bill Analysis and Optimization
Utilize the RTIS® rate utility rate engine to identify the most attractive distribution rate classes and supply rates for each building’s unique energy usage profile.

Identify Equipment Investment Opportunities
Use RTIS® to track historical and real-time equipment performance to detect performance anomalies and identify attractive capital investment opportunities.

Benchmark Portfolio to Better Manage Energy Efficiency Performance
By using RTIS® to benchmark your stores, you will be able to identify under performing locations, abnormal performance, and develop energy-oriented metrics to better manage portfolio performance in the future.

RTIS® Insights

Energy Cost Transparency & Optimization

Utility bills are opaque and difficult to understand. The RTIS® rate engine provides transparency and reduces costs by analyzing your building’s energy usage profile and determining the most attractive rate classes, supply rates, identifying billing errors and applicable tax credits, and tracking utility tariff changes.

Operational Improvements

Through real-time monitoring and analytics on your critical loads, RTIS® dissects your business processes and building system performance to identify process improvements that reduce costs and improve your company’s sustainability.

Investment Opportunities

RTIS® tracks historical and real-time equipment performance and factors in weather conditions to detect performance anomalies and inefficiencies to identify attractive capital investment opportunities.