Healthcare Facility Energy Management

Healthcare organizations face unique energy management challenges given the mission critical nature of their operations that limits flexibility in shifting processes or turning off systems like other commercial or industrial companies. Further, as patient care and comfort cannot be compromised, electrical and mechanical system failures have potentially disastrous consequences, making the need for early detection so important.

Using the RTIS® energy analytics platform, healthcare companies can reduce wasted energy usage without compromising patient comfort, benchmark and identify underperforming buildings, improve sustainability, and detect monitor equipment and devices to prevent potentially devastating system failures.


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Benefits of Energy Management in Healthcare:

Reduce Energy Costs
RTIS® can identify wasted energy, such as running equipment or lighting unnecessarily in intermittently occupied, non-critical locations.

Improve Energy Cost Transparency
Quantify the cost contribution of specific devices, pieces of equipment, and building areas in real time.

Utility Bill Analysis and Optimization
Utilize the RTIS® rate utility rate engine to identify the most attractive distribution rate classes and supply rates based on the patterns and characteristics of each building’s unique energy usage profile.

Benchmark Portfolio Performance
For healthcare organizations with more than one facility RTIS® can help to create portfolio-wide energy performance benchmarks. Utilizing these benchmarks to compare facilities, healthcare organizations can identify inefficient assets and take corrective steps to improve overall sustainability and energy efficiency.

Predictive Equipment Maintenance
By analyzing energy data, RTIS® can identify equipment that is behaving abnormally when compared to historical performance and potentially breaking down. As a result, healthcare organizations can repair this equipment before a more serious problem occurs.

Improve Sustainability and Meet Corporate Environmental and Social Responsibility Goals
Using RTIS® analytics, reports, and grid fuel-mix data, healthcare organizations gain a more accurate and granular understanding of their true sustainability performance and can identify ways to improve performance in order to meet corporate environmental and social responsibility goals.

RTIS® Insights

Energy Cost Transparency & Optimization

Utility bills are opaque and difficult to understand. The RTIS® rate engine provides transparency and reduces costs by analyzing your building’s energy usage profile and determining the most attractive rate classes, supply rates, identifying billing errors and applicable tax credits, and tracking utility tariff changes.

Operational Improvements

Through real-time monitoring and analytics on your critical loads, RTIS® dissects your business processes and building system performance to identify process improvements that reduce costs and improve your company’s sustainability.

Investment Opportunities

RTIS® tracks historical and real-time equipment performance and factors in weather conditions to detect performance anomalies and inefficiencies to identify attractive capital investment opportunities.