Artis Energy Intelligence

Artis Energy Intelligence

Real Time Visibility + Analytics to Understand and Control Energy Costs

Artis Energy Intelligence delivers real-time visibility and insights that save energy, identify operational improvements, analyze investment opportunities, and meet sustainability goals. Our analytics platform, RTIS®, provides the business intelligence and awareness needed to transform energy into a competitive advantage.

With our software, managed services, and consulting capabilities, we integrate smart algorithms with a support team with the energy expertise to deliver powerful and flexible solutions that fit within the organizational constraints and energy savings requirements of our customers.

Artis Energy Partnership with
The Siemon Company and Eversource CT

Eversource Energy, through Energize CT, teamed with Artis Energy Intelligence to use analytics improve the energy efficiency of The Siemon Company in Watertown, CT.

Our platform, RTIS®, is a scalable, robust, real-time patented energy monitoring, analytics, and control platform. RTIS® is used by our customers and partners to find hidden energy cost drivers, operations inefficiencies, and investing opportunities.

RTIS® Platform Solutions

SaaS Software

Cloud-based SaaS platform
Dashboards, alerts and exportable reports
Real-time and historical main meter and sub-meter monitoring and analytics

Managed Services

Active Anomaly Detection
Idle Load Management
Utility Cost Optimization
Load Factor Monitoring
Power Factor Monitoring
High Cost Period Mitigation and Curtailment
Load Shifting Opportunity Monitoring


Energy Efficiency Strategy Creation
Scenario Analysis
Project Design
Measurement and Verification
Vendor and Contractor Selection
Project Management

RTIS® 6-Step Process

Secure utility bills and historical interval load data.

Upload billing and load data into RTIS® and perform historical data analytics assessment to identify most easily addressable savings opportunities.

Perform a facility audit to evaluate operations and on-site equipment to quantity key aspects of the facility's energy spend.

Installation of RTIS®.

Using real-time energy data, prepare and prioritized energy management plan that incorporates proposed energy investments and operational process changes.

Implementation of plan, including proposed energy investments and operational process changes, ongoing energy monitoring, and evaluation of performance.

RTIS® Platform Timeline


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Implement simple energy-efficiency measures

Develop a deeper understanding of operations to identify investments in equipment and process improvements to improve energy efficiency

Adapt to new operational processes and invest in new technology informed by a larger set of collected real-time data

  • Utility rate optimization
  • Load Shifting
  • Idle load improvement
  • Peak demand management
  • Anomaly detection
  • Equipment evaluation and capital investments
  • Re-evaluate utility rates
  • Additional process optimization
  • Peak demand management
  • Anomaly detection
  • Additional equipment analysis and capital investments
  • Re-evaluate utility rates
  • Further process optimization
  • Peak demand management
  • Anomaly detection


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