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Listen To Your Building™

Energy is one of your largest operating expenses, but without an understanding of how, when and at what cost
you use it, significant opportunities to save money and realize efficiencies will be missed.

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Artis Energy, through its subsidiaries Artis Energy Intelligence and Artis Energy Solutions, brings a unique combination of analytics, technology and energy industry expertise together to analyze, develop and implement energy management strategies that meet the unique business and building needs of our clients.

This is where Artis Energy Intelligence and
Artis Energy Solutions come in.


2 Companies, 2 Complimentary Approaches to Energy Management


Powerful Analytics to Discover Your Cost Drivers

  • Reveal Real-Time Cost Avoidance Opportunities
  • Tie Energy Use to Your Business Processes
  • Detect Equipment and Process Inefficiencies
  • Identify and Prioritize Energy Investments
  • Predict Expensive Periods of High Energy Use
  • Reduce Financial Risk and Improve Energy Cost Accounting
  • Improve the Accuracy and Transparency of Sustainability Reporting
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Click to watch RTIS® video


Click to watch RTIS® video

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Proven Energy Expertise to Take Action

Energy is one your largest operating expenses, but how do you go about creating an energy conservation strategy that best fits your business needs?

  • Over 15 years and 1,000 Commercial and Industrial customers like you
  • Comprehensive energy management solutions including: High-Efficiency LED Lighting, HVAC and Mechanical, Refrigeration, Wireless EMS Systems, VFDs and Consulting Solutions
  • Deep-seated relationships with many utilities and intimate knowledge of the various incentive and financing programs for which you may qualify
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Energy Management is Not One Size Fits All

We take the time to understand the nuances of your industry and the needs of your business before developing and implementing an energy conservation strategy for you.

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See how Artis Energy’s analytical approach is helping a Metal Stamping Company save over $20,000 per year in energy and maintenance costs
Read how RTIS® energy analytics helped a Plastics Manufacturer identify their hidden energy cost drivers and save over $24,000 per year     
Learn how Artis Energy utilized RTIS® to help an Aerospace Manufacturer save over $34,000 per year, and identify over $75,000 in annual process improvement savings 

Did You Know?

According to a recent McKinsey survey, 36% of Fortune 500 CEOs cited sustainability as a top five corporate priority—13% ranked it at number one.

Commercial buildings and industrial facilities in the US produce 45% of all the country's greenhouse gasses, and according to Energy Star®, 30 percent of energy consumed by these buildings is wasted.

60% of the Fortune 100 have sustainability goals, but only 5% use software to track progress.

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