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Artis Energy Intelligence

Real Time Visibility + Analytics to Understand and Control Energy Costs

Artis Energy Intelligence delivers real-time visibility and insights that save energy, identify operational improvements, analyze investment opportunities, and meet sustainability goals. Our analytics platform, RTIS®, provides the business intelligence and awareness needed to transform energy into a competitive advantage.

With our software, managed services, and consulting capabilities, we integrate smart algorithms with a support team with the energy expertise to deliver powerful and flexible solutions that fit within the organizational constraints and energy savings requirements of our customers.

  • Reveal Real-Time Cost Avoidance Opportunities
  • Understand How Business Processes and Complex Utility Tariffs Integrate
  • Detect Equipment and Process Inefficiencies
  • Identify and Prioritize Energy Investments
  • Predict Expensive Periods of High Energy Use
  • Reduce Financial Risk and Improve Energy Cost Accounting
  • Improve the Accuracy and Transparency of Sustainability Reporting

Learn how we helped our client, a metal services company, save money on their annual energy costs.
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Read how RTIS® energy analytics helped a Plastics Manufacturer identify their hidden energy cost drivers and save over $24,000 per year.
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Learn how Artis Energy utilized RTIS® to help an Aerospace Manufacturer save over $34,000 per year, and identify over $75,000 in annual process improvement savings.
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Artis Energy Solutions

Energy Management Across All Industries

Artis Energy Solutions analyzes customer facilities and operations to prioritize and implement customized solutions that address key energy cost drivers. These include comprehensive energy management and sustainability strategies, ranging from turnkey solutions for high-efficiency lighting, HVAC and refrigeration systems, to energy management systems, energy procurement, billing data analysis, and energy consulting.

  • Over 15 years and 1,000 commercial and industrial customers.
  • Comprehensive energy management solutions including: High-Efficiency LED Lighting, HVAC and Mechanical, Refrigeration, Wireless EMS Systems, VFDs and Consulting Solutions.
  • Deep-seated relationships with many utilities and comprehensive knowledge of incentive and financing programs for which you may qualify.

Read how Artis Energy helped save a metal stampings manufacturer on their energy costs and also receive an incentive worth over 22% of the total project costs.
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Our client, a deep drawn metal stamping company, realized an estimated 10-year ROI of 316% on their annual energy costs.
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Read how Artis Energy helped a commercial real estate firm save on their overall energy costs and also receive an incentive of 0% financing on the total project costs.
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The Artis Energy Advantage

Our Experience

For over 15 years, we have leveraged our deep domain expertise and understanding of energy cost drivers to help over 1,000 customers.

Our Software

Our analytics platform, RTIS®, analyzes energy data to provide transparency and identifies operational improvements and investments that reduce costs.

Our Team

Our team consists of specialists with diverse backgrounds that are passionate and focused on working together to help our customers better manage their energy costs.

Our Strategy

Our approach is to equip our customers and partners with the solutions they need to effectively understand and manage energy costs.

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