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Discover the Energy Savings Hidden within Your Building

Artis Energy Intelligence delivers real-time visibility and insights that save energy, identify operational improvements, analyze investment opportunities and meet sustainability goals. Our analytics platform, RTIS®, provides the business intelligence and awareness needed to transform energy into a competitive advantage.

To complete your assessment, we will need:

1. A recent utility bill.

2. Access to your historical interval data from your utility.

The rapid, no-cost assessment does not require an on-site visit. After the assessment, we will provide an analysis of the identified savings opportunities.


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RTIS® Platform Solutions

SaaS Software

Cloud-based SaaS platform
Dashboards, alerts and exportable reports
Real-time and historical main meter and sub-meter monitoring and analytics

Managed Services

Active Anomaly Detection
Idle Load Management
Utility Cost Optimization
Load Factor Monitoring
Power Factor Monitoring
High Cost Period Mitigation and Curtailment
Load Shifting Opportunity Monitoring


Energy Efficiency Strategy Creation
Scenario Analysis
Project Design
Measurement and Verification
Vendor and Contractor Selection
Project Management

RTIS® Insights

Energy Cost Transparency & Optimization

Utility bills are opaque and difficult to understand. The RTIS® rate engine provides transparency and reduces costs by analyzing your building’s energy usage profile and determining the most attractive rate classes, supply rates, identifying billing errors and applicable tax credits, and tracking utility tariff changes.

Operational Improvements

Through real-time monitoring and analytics on your critical loads, RTIS® dissects your business processes and building system performance to identify process improvements that reduce costs and improve your company’s sustainability.

Investment Opportunities

RTIS® tracks historical and real-time equipment performance and factors in weather conditions to detect performance anomalies and inefficiencies to identify attractive capital investment opportunities.