ACMT Chemical Manufacturing Case Study

ACMT, Inc. Case Study

ACMT Chemical Manufacturing Case Study

ACMT, Inc. is a growing aerospace manufacturer based in Manchester, CT.


ACMT has adopted Shingo principles of operational excellence, and company management has long-recognized the need to constantly adapt to a changing market. As such, ACMT wanted to perform comprehensive energy efficiency upgrades and enhance the look of the work environment, while minimizing downtime during the project.


Artis replaced inefficient HID and fluorescent fixtures with comfortable, high-efficiency LED lighting solutions. In addition, we upgraded the plant’s two air compressors with variable speed rotary screw compressors, which deliver notable energy savings by regulating the compressor speed based on the facility’s demand for compressed air. We worked closely with ACMT’s facility manager and key members of the management team to ensure all project objectives and installation were completed in a seamless, timely manner.


The equipment upgrades provide estimated energy savings of over 228,000 kWh annually, so we were able to help secure energy incentives worth 50% of total project costs from local energy utility Eversource. And with annual energy savings of over $34,500, the project payback period is just 2.65 years, with a 10-year ROI of 277%. Further, using our proprietary energy analytics platform, RTIS®, we identified another $75,000+ of potential savings that ACMT can realize by upgrading additional equipment and implementing operational improvements, such as peak demand and idle load management strategies.