Demsey Manufacturing Case Study

Case Study

Demsey Manufacturing Case Study

Demsey Manufacturing is a deep drawn metal stamping company based in Westport, CT, that has been run by the Demsey family for three generations


Demsey was concerned about the light levels in its facility and wanted to upgrade to more comfortable, efficient lighting. Yet devising a lighting strategy to address all the different spaces and requirements — such as assembly, fabrication, and back-office support — on two separate floors, all while keeping each worker comfortable, posed a significant challenge.


Artis demonstrated to Demsey that LED lighting would provide the heightened brightness it wanted with lower energy costs, less maintenance costs, and reduced environmental impact. That demonstration, coupled with analytical evidence of the savings that could be achieved, made Demsey eager to proceed. So Artis installed new LED lighting throughout the client’s 35,000-square-foot plant, and we also ensured light levels and color rendering promoted awareness and safety.


Workers now enjoy greater visibility thanks to reliable, high-quality lamps and ballasts. Plus, the increased efficiency enabled us to secure significant project incentives for Demsey from local energy utility Eversource, in addition to $20,600 per year in energy savings. The project is expected to pay for itself within three years, with a 316% ROI over ten years.