Kidcity Case Study

Kidcity Children’s Museum
Case Study

Kidcity Children's Museum Case Study

Kidcity Children’s Museum is an interactive children’s museum located in Middletown, CT.


Kidcity historically struggled with high energy costs. Its executive team performed a preliminary cost analysis but lacked the data necessary for a solution, and promises from other energy firms always fell short. On top of the analytical complexity, Kidcity was particularly cost-conscious due to its non-profit status.


Using our proprietary energy analytics platform, RTIS®, we rigorously monitored facility subloads, which revealed multiple opportunities for reducing the museum’s energy costs, leading us to make adjustments to equipment sequencing, modifications in building operations and installing high-efficiency lighting throughout the facility. We also upgraded the HVAC system by installing CO2 sensors to manage air intake gauged to the museum’s internal temperature and occupancy.


The CO2 sensors provide energy savings of over 22,000 kWh per year, and the overall increased efficiency helped us secure a lower fixed rate for Kidcity’s electrical supply. Local energy utility Eversource also provided significant incentives to the museum thanks to the comprehensive energy savings measures we deployed. In all, the project should provide approximately $5,000 in annual energy savings.