M&R Liquors Case Study

M&R Liquors
Case Study

M&R Liquors  Case Study

M&R Liquors is a family-owned retail beverage chain in the Hartford, CT area.


M&R Liquors previously preferred per-job relationships with vendors and independent contractors for store maintenance. This resulted in having different equipment installed at each location and varying customer experiences because some stores had newer lighting than others. At certain locations, customers had even begun to complain that the lighting made reading bottle labels a challenge. On top of this issue, M&R had rising maintenance and energy costs.


Artis was first tasked with upgrading one store’s lighting, so we installed six different trial fixtures for M&R to pick which one provided the optimal lighting color temperature for browsing for high-end wines. After our initial store success, we assessed M&R’s flagship store, which led us to upgrading the lighting, as well as modernizing the cooling fans and other moisture and temperature controls in the store’s storage rooms.


The lighting upgrades at the first store has resulted in saving 17% on energy, equaling $650 per month. And the lighting upgrades at the flagship store translates to projected energy savings of $1,800 per month, all while creating a more positive retail experience for shoppers and employees in both stores. Further, inventory at their flagship store is now maintained in a more controlled temperature, leading to less potential waste and greater shelf life. Adding these upgrades to the service package actually saved M&R more money overall, because the company then qualified for an incentive worth 50% of the project cost from local energy utility Eversource, along with 0% financing.