New Britain Heat Treating Case Study

New Britain
Heat Treating
Case Study

New Britain Heat Treating Case Study

New Britain Heat Treating is a metal services company located in New Britain, CT.


In manufacturing today, energy efficiency helps attract and retain new contracts, as large companies with sustainability goals increasingly impose such standards on their vendors. So to stay competitive, New Britain needed more high-efficiency solutions, without interfering with the manufacturing process itself.


Artis crafted a unique, comprehensive solution combining hardware and software upgrades. We installed two new coolant pumps and two exhaust fans in the facility, and through our partnership with the utility Eversource, we isolated the facility’s power usage and demand into subloads for more granular analysis. Using our proprietary energy analytics platform, RTIS®, New Britain can then take action such as remotely adjusting the fans to match demand. We also installed a visual alert system, so factory floor managers can see in real-time when an energy threshold approaches and then choose how to optimize energy usage.


Within minutes of RTIS® being installed, the client was able to identify and rectify inefficiencies with their vacuum and furnace equipment. Overall, employees now have greater mindfulness about their energy usage, demand and environmental impact, thereby improving New Britain’s positioning with clients. The comprehensive nature of the solution also enabled the company to receive financial incentives from local energy utility Eversource to cover a significant portion of the project’s cost. So combined with the improved energy efficiency, the solution is expected to pay for itself within just two and a half years.