New Haven Public Schools Case Study

New Haven
Public Schools
Case Study

New Haven Public Schools Case Study

The New Haven Public Schools (NHPS) system in CT includes over 50 facilities (schools and other Board of Education-owned assets)


NHPS sought actionable intelligence on the energy usage of its current and future buildings to find potential improvements and cost savings, which required a large scope of monitoring.


In addition to monitoring each facility’s primary meter, we deployed our proprietary energy analytics platform, RTIS®, to monitor subloads at 60 points across the system’s 50 facilities. From vending machines to lighting controls, administrators and decision makers can react to peak demands in real time or plan to reduce demand in targeted areas to find increased savings.


Since 2001, the system has been able to take advantage of this granular monitoring capability to intelligently manage its energy usage and reduce operating costs. As schools are built or renovated, we’re even able to add new submetering capabilities to expand the system’s analytical solutions and increase energy efficiency.