Promold Case Study

Case Study

Promold Plastics Case Study

Promold Plastics is a family-owned plastics and injection molding company located in Portland, CT.


Promold faced rising energy costs, due to outdated lighting and air compression systems throughout the manufacturing facility that wasted energy. In addition, Artis’s analysis of Promold’s billing history determined that it fell into a less-than-favorable rate class with its energy utility.


Artis convinced Promold’s utility to reassign the company to a better distribution rate class and secured a more competitive price for its energy supply. We also installed more cost-effective LED lamps, upgraded Promold to a high-efficiency air compressor and enabled real-time energy monitoring by setting the company up with our proprietary energy analytics platform, RTIS®. We then integrated RTIS® and a remote energy management system into updated thermostat controls so that facility temperatures can be adjusted at any time, even from off premises.


The comfort of the LED lights has improved customer experience, and staff are able to find products in the basement more quickly. The new lighting saves the store around $370 per month on energy costs, plus additional savings from not needing to replace bulbs as frequently. We also helped WH England secure project incentives and 0% financing from local energy utility, Eversource, and we continue to manage the store’s electric supply at competitive rates.