Mohawk Manufacturing Case Study

Case Study

Mohawk Manufacturing Case Study

The Mohawk Manufacturing Company is a family-owned metal stamping manufacturer that has been in business since 1921 and is located in Middletown, CT.


Mohawk had a quarter-century old HVAC system that was inefficient, noisy and improperly fitted to the size of its building. In addition, the company wanted to upgrade its lighting system to increase efficiency and achieve greater energy savings, but the upfront costs of doing so seemed prohibitive.


In just a three-day unobtrusive install, Artis outfitted Mohawk with a new high-efficiency LED lighting system and a new, properly fitted HVAC system. To alleviate the costs of these upgrades, Artis helped Mohawk secure an energy efficiency incentive through the manufacturer’s utility company, Eversource, worth over 22% of the total project cost. Artis also set Mohawk up with financing through Eversource that shows up on Mohawk’s monthly utility bill.


With the utility incentive and monthly financing, Mohawk has been able to easily manage paying for the project while reducing its energy costs overall. Meanwhile, the new LED lighting system provides bright and efficient light throughout the facility, and upgrading to the new HVAC system has been remarkable not only for energy savings, but also in terms of making the office more comfortable.