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Benefits of Energy Efficiency Programs: They Save More Than Just Energy

Energy Efficiency Solution Advantages

By now, everyone from shop floor worker to CEO intuitively understands that saving energy delivers dollars to the bottom line. But cost avoidance only begins to showcase the benefits of modern energy efficiency technologies. Non-economic benefits of energy efficiency often accompany financial savings.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

“The typical lifespan of an incandescent light is approximately 1,200 hours, while … a LED light has a lifespan of 20,000 to 50,000 hours. The cost of the material and the time for repeatedly replacing the bulbs should be included in the analysis to identify the entire savings for the energy conservation measure.” —facilitiesnet.com, Nov.6 2014

Morale Increases

“We’ve heard several employees comment on the quality of the new lighting … It feels like daylight inside, so they feel more alert than in traditional work environments.” —CREE LED Lighting—Benefits 2016

Productivity Gains

“A 2009 Michigan State University study, “Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Occupant Well-being and Productivity in LEED Offices,” found that groups moving to LEED office buildings missed less work and put in almost 39 hours more per person annually.” —WRI Building Efficiency Initiative, July 29, 2013

Informed Decision Making

Most companies simply look at last month’s utility bill, while critical usage data remain invisible. Energy Analytics Software (EAS) reveals the business operations driving this peak higher, providing a C&I company a window of opportunity for new operational efficiencies. Using EAS, insight into historical performance, projected peak periods and current utility billing programs translate into smart budgeting, another energy efficiency benefit.

Financial Visibility

Segregating and displaying energy costs by customer, by manufacturing process, by equipment and even by individual SKU, EAS provides much more accurate cost accounting and financial visibility. It also forges a stronger connection between day-to-day operations and corporate goals. It can be the critical player in realizing both the economic and the non-economic advantages of energy efficiency solutions.

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